Summer Camp FAQ (Please read carefully)



0. Summer Camp Travel Tips 夏令营旅游建议


The student camper is responsible for all travel expenses to and from the camp site. All costs that occur within the summer camp will be covered by our sponsors in China.

Some of camps may require minimum fee to supplement the camp cost. Students are responsible for traveling expense to the camp site, as well as medical insurance.


2.具体名额须与国内承办单位协商。但每个团组最低组团人数不少于10人(不含领队)。其中领队与营员人数比例不高于1:10。Each group will consist of at least 10 campers (excluding the chaperone).



Chaperone preferably should be under 60 yrs old, healthy, responsible, and fluent in Chinese. Prior experiences with similar summer camps are preferable.

夏令营领队的工作, 除了在“ 领队需要承担如下责任” 中列出的职责(详见下载文件), 希望能提供自己的想法和过去的经历。我们将根据个人情况,和申请时间,来最后决定。



Unless specified otherwise, campers must be healthy and capable of taking care of him/herself.



All the camp programs are in Chinese.


6.夏令营最少和最多学生人数限制? 报名无最少人数规定。

There is no restriction to the number of campers.


7. 未到年龄的学生可否参加“地方-北京联营”? 国侨办要求参加“地方-北京联营”的学生年龄必须在14岁到18岁之间。

All campers must be 14 years old to attend the combined camps. A combined camp includes camp in Beijing and one other place, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.


8. 参加地方侨办主办的“一地营”的学生年龄要求是多少? 地方侨办为弥补国侨办对学生年龄的要求,主办了地方的“一地营”。大部分“一地营”对学生年龄放宽到12岁到18岁之间。

Campers that are 12 or older are allowed to attend local camps.


9.学生是否可报名参加两个以上的夏令营? 国侨办规定参加夏令营的学生在90天内, 只能参加一个由各级侨办资助的夏令营。学生可报名参加一个由侨办资助的夏令营, 再参加一个或多个其它组织主办的夏令营。地方营+集结营:不被认为是两个地方营。可以参加。如是两个地方营地,国侨办不允许。

You are not allowed to register two separate local camps that are held within 90 days of each other.


10.关于中国国内接机? 原则上说,按报到日期到达的航班,夏令营主办方会安排接机。个别到达者,航班请尽量安排在“popular”的到达时间,可以随团队接机时插入;或者可以坐机场班车到市内,再乘坐出租车到达报到地点。

The local camp sponsor will arrange for free group pickup service at the local airport.


11.为什么要收注册费? 各级侨办要求每个队(10人)派出一个领队,需要给予领队一定的补助。有些夏令营要求保证金,在交付和退还过程中有一定手续费用。另外根据往届夏令营的经验,学生外出时有一些临时支出。注册费一般不退还。如果没有组成团,比如说营员不够10名或没有一名领队,我们将如数全部退还。在我们组队送出确认邮件后,任何取消都没有退款。

All payment will be refunded if the summer camp is cancelled. There will be no refund if we finish forming teams and sending confirmation to all approved campers.

If you don't get approved, then you may request refund of registration fee, if you already pay, by sending email to info@cea-dfw.org, with Subject: Cancellation/Refund of <camp name> Summer Camp (your family ID/Your Name). We'll process your refund request in 5 days.

12.怎样才能知道夏令营的详细?  怎样才能下载各种文件和表格?


请登录本网站,建立账号(家庭),为孩子注册夏令营。请下载如下文件并在2-3天内寄送 info@cea-dfw.org. Please follow name convention before sending:

1) when submit your required documents, please use file naming format: <camp-name>-<camper-name>-file-name, i.e.


Sichuan-Camp-Peter-Wang-Id-109-Reg-Form.xls, etc.

if doesn't matter if you want to resend with correct named file.

文件和email Subject要用camp-name-student-name-id。至今有不少家长,随意将一个image.jpg送来,什么说明也没有,这些是不负责的表现。收件人不得不去看文件,在网上查名字,和camp name,ID等,再重命名,在存放在合适的地方。

2) when reply, send email to info@cea-dfw.org, in PDF/JPG format.

3) please confirm you camp registration ASAP, since we are going to upload team(s) to official web. We'll not change them after that. Please update your online record accordingly, if you have any change, or miss the data required.

4) please make sure you provide all necessary info per registration requirement, like valid passport number, birth date, A CHINESE NAME (is required), etc.

5) if you decide to switch camp, please do so before we upload to official web. Simply register a new camp, drop the old camp, then you don't have to pay anything if you've paid before.


The form a) is required to completed and sent after finishing online registration and payment.

The form b) to e) should be ready and sent when a team is formed and notified for confirmation. If you don't have scanner to scan file (b),(c),(d),(e), you can use phone to take a photo of good resolutions. Save it as JPG file and then convert to PDF. In case you can not conver to PDF, just send JPG files with proper name.


a) RegistrationForm This form contains only one line, no signature is needed. It should be sent in original format (xls). Send us as attachment. Do not convert this form to PDF. This form needs to be sent in 2-3 days after registration.

The rest of documents should be sent within 2 weeks.

b) MustSignByParent.doc This file should be signed by Parent and sent in PDF/JPG.

c) MustSignByChaperon.doc This file should be signed by Chaperon ONLY and send in PDF/JPG.

d) MustSignByCamper.doc This file should be signed by Camper and sent in PDF/JPG.

e) DetailStudentInformation This file should contain a person photo, be signed by teacher or principal, and parent, and sent in PDF/JPG. Also a photo should be shown on this form. You may scan or just take a photo. Make sure you follow file name convention specified above.

This document should be ready 1-2 months before camp starts.

f) Flight-Schedule This file should be provided two month before the camp starts. It can be further updated before arrival.


13. How to coordinate the trip to China for campers?

For all registered/paid campers, they'll receive email contact from selected chaperones. The plan is to coordinate the flight booking to China and back from China. Normally most of campers books the same flights, if possible to arrive in China or back from China. If you kid is under 14, you'll have to buy escort service, until he/she has adult  to go with.

For instance, since most of Sichuan campers will leave from Dallas, the most possible flight they'll book is with AA.

Also chaperon will create a wechat group for a team to communicate.


14. How to apply for Chaperone?

Please send us email (info@cea-dfw.org) about your previous experience (in WORD FILE) in volunteer works and plan for this camp. Also 需要当地中文学校或教育机构负责人的推荐信 or reference letter. We'll notify your the decision of final chaperone. Then you can register as a camper (with full registration payment).